The Perfect Handover

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Director, Solutions & Partnerships (UKI) Invicara & Twinit

The Perfect Handover

Project handover is usually the last interaction a contractor has with their client. This reminds of a blog post I recently read by Edward Gonzalez, who said, ‘Project closeout is my favorite phase of construction,” said nobody, at any point, in the history of mankind’. I know, and you know, that poor handover can create disputes, delays, payment issues and even damage the relationship with the client. Contractors don’t want to spend time and money resolving issues that all too often could have been prevented.

So what if handovers could be seamless and easy? What opportunities would that afford contractors? Would it help their relationships with their clients? We know that a good handover experience provides clients with a positive, lasting impression of contractors, which in turn sets up the opportunity for new business. A good handover removes all the aggravation and difficulty of dealing with client requests for information months or even years after a project is finished.

When handover is a focused process and planned in advance, it diminishes the risk for the contractor by establishing clear expectations of the sub-contractors. Couple this with the desire of clients to use BIM in operations, and a good project handover provides contractors the opportunity to monetise the BIM process and generate additional revenues.

How do you make this happen? Introducing the Invicara Digital Twin.

At Invicara, we provide a packaged solution for creating an “Asset Twin”, built on Twinit, the industry’s first composable platform for Digital Twins of the built environment. The Asset Twin solution includes required templates, process framework, data management tools, training and support for the contractor to produce and deliver an Asset Twin at project handover.

An Asset Twin visualises every maintainable asset using a 3D model, its connected systems and served spaces and seamlessly associates it to all the related information required for operating, maintaining and managing the assets. This includes specification data, testing, commissioning, warranty data and handover documents including O&M’s, schematics and certificates.The Asset Twin becomes the unified system of record, providing the user with many options to search, filter, and organise information to find what they need very quickly. With the ability to update the data and documents, the system of record can be kept updated with new information over the life of the building.

Many alternative handover solutions available to contractors tend to be relatively rigid products (not built on flexible platforms), resulting in inflexible solutions that do not adapt to vastly differing requirements from client to client. Our solution is repeatable, highly configurable and customisable if needed.

A platform for continuous improvement for the client

Your clients can directly integrate the Asset Twin into their facility management and operations workflows, as well as their computer- aided facility management (CAFM) or computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). As our very own Louise Kelly suggests, tying the information-rich virtual copy of a building to operating systems can deliver additional services, such as estimating, procurement, maintenance, sustainability measurement and leasing. The Asset Twin may be enhanced to create a “Performance Twin” that integrates with the building management system (BMS), and IoT platforms. Applying analytics can improve efficiencies in building operations by reducing energy use, lowering maintenance costs, and improving tenants comfort and safety. Win, win, win!

Let me know if you agree.

Claire Penny

Global Digital Evangelist