Join digitaltwin-factory, the collective genius of a global open-source community, built and maintained by Invicara.

Access buildings blocks for digital twinning, and twin enabled solutions under a permissive (Apache-2.0) license.

Enabling you to twin anything - Equipment, systems, processes, people or places. compose solutions rapidly. Deliver twin enabled solutions as a managed service, or SaaS.

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We enable Systems Integrators, Engineering firms, and Specialist contractors to participate in the digital twin economy.

Enabling them to twin Equipment, Systems, Processes, People, Buildings, Infrastructure or entire Cities, and build Apps to monitor, manage, engage, predict, simulate, or optimise them.

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We aim to enable all our partners to self-drive on their digital twin journey.

We assist with solutioning, professional services and support, transferring know-how and enabling them to progressively build their own competencies.

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