The Buzz of the Industry: Element Classification for a Digital Twin 

The Buzz of the Industry: Element Classification for a Digital Twin This past month, construction professionals gathered in London during Digital Construction Week to discuss the technological evolution that is in place to develop smarter buildings. A major theme that was woven through the conference -- speaking sessions, panels, and individual discussions, was the benefit of Digital Twin technology. After 10 years in the industry, I can safely say that AEC professionals are now more ready than ever to develop Digital Twin solutions that provide owners the data and documentation for better outcomes and operations. We’re seeing a transition from a focus on 3D because, as an industry, we’re realizing that quality data can drive more efficiency than just 3D modeling, or BIM, alone. While the primary focus may have been the benefits of Digital Twin solutions, I also found in my conversations that there is an increasing interest in proper element classification - a key step in developing a Digital Twin. In the past, classification has been seen as something that could be helpful, but not necessarily worth the time. However, element classification is a primary foundational step that must be well-implemented to reap the benefits of a Digital Twin. During my presentation, “Digital Twin Solutions - The Data Journey,” I explained to the audience that if you want a Digital Twin of your building, you must take the proper steps to get there. You can’t always guarantee the quality and integrity of an asset that you believe to be in your building, so if you truly want that element data to be accurate, reliable and therefore actionable, you need to know that its associated data is correct. Being able to find things at a later time, and making systems and processes consistent and visible, provides the golden thread to ensure that nothing is ever lost about an asset. Want to find out how accurately and consistently classifying your model data support digital project delivery and other data-driven BIM processes? Contact us today. Invicara

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